Welcome to the 8th district

Dear visitor!

This brand new blog's aim is:

- to provide You programmes connected to the 8th district;

- to guide You to the hidden sights;

- to turn the slummy 8th district into a lively place.

Why the 8th? This part of the city is the poorest area of Budapest with a bad reputation. For us, social workers and social policy makers it is a field to help. Also we have lived here, and fall in love with the charme of the place. We have decided to use our own methods to help. Help's first step was a fieldwork, than guided sightseeing tours (our hobby and job at the same time), now a blog.

Let's join us on the journey to the secret Budapest. Feel free to ask and comment, recommend your own explorations.
Manó Domján&Gyuri Baglyas

1 comment:

Vándorló said...

Great idea for a blog about this wonderful part of Budapest. I absolutely love the 8th. Having lived in Buda and Pest at various times and in various districts I've grown to appreciate a lot of what the 8th has.

For one, the streets are cleaner than most of the XIII (very little dog @&#@), clear of cars and well maintained. It's in a lot better condition than most of the VII and VI. It isn't just made up of those disgusting concrete dog kennels that people like to call apartments here in Buda.

Anyway, great idea. Look forward to future posts.