Follow the blue!

Have you ever been to the Blaha Lujza square? You certainly have. If you happened to travel with the tram number 4-6 or the bus number 7, you have crossed this square, for sure.
On one corner of Blaha there is a McDonalds. Don't worry I'm not advertising here the McDonalds, but the long wide street next to it. It is called the Népszínház street.

Just walk along and open your eyes. I know it's not the shiniest neither the most elegant avenue of Budapest. Still, if you carefully look up, you will surely discover magnifique views beside the greyness and crowdness of this shabby though lively street.

Choose a colour for example, and try to discover everything interesting of this special colour.
Let's say: blue!
Look for blue sights along the Népszínház street! Here are some photos to help!

A totally blue enterieur of an art nouveau style building planned by Lajta Béla (famous Hungarian Art nouveau architect)in 1911.

Or a little blue manufacture, where hats and caps and top hats and schapskas of every kind are made from 1870 till now on...

Or have a look at the blue sky. Can you see the charming mosaic of the once famous beer factory under the fleecy clouds?

Take your blue adventure! In the 8th district of Budapest!

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