Flat land

You will find an amazing view if visiting a hidden post-communist block. The "Szigony Lakótelep" is surrounded by the modern city area, the eclectic style facades and the clinic area. The neighbourhood is famous among the Hungarians. What Hungarians surely know about the ' Szigony lakótelep' is, that the poverty rate and the drog users number is higher than any other average block of flats. A huge Chinese colony and musician gipsies also live behind the concrete walls. In the 18th and 19th century this was a marchland with a cemetery and a hunting forest. As the city grew at the turning of the 20th century it became an important commercial and industrial area. At the second world war many of the houses nearby were damaged. The communist regime forced to build block houses instead of renovation. That's how the 'Szigony Lakótelep' was born in the '70s. If you visit the plase we recommend you a very unique, very local pub. It is called the 'Tisza presszó' , named after the second biggest river of Hungary.
Are you curious? It is easy to get there: just jump on the bus 9. or 109 at Astoria or Deák tér and get off at the Koszorú utca station. Do not forget to validete your BKV ticket.
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