Beyond Budapest for the waters of the Earth

There will be a world meditation, on the of August. Millions of people will be concentrating on the waters of the Earth. The Budapest Beyond Sightseeing will meditate as well, for clean waters, for a better world, for a better district.

The festival of this world meditation can be reached here. And also the amaizing song of the festival. Come with us if you are in Hungary, or meditate with us, if you are in your own country:

"Join the world-meditation! Our world is in crisis. Let’s unite our minds’ power on the 16th of August between 12.20 and 12.50 (Hungarian time) (6.20 and 6.50 a.m. NY-time) to improve our life on this planet. The meditation in English can be downloaded by clicking to (by right-cliking) The meditation’s effect will be measured in Princetone by Roger Nelson (for details see"

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