St. Rita - mission impossible

Somewhere in the hidden Joseptown stands a chapel which became a place of pilgrimage.
After the second world war's siege a small church was built in the place of a destroyed tyre repair workshop. First it was used by the neighbouring Magdolna Hospital's believers.
By the years it became one of the most important pilgrimage places of Budapest.

The name Saint Rita comes from a century saint who gave her life to God.
Saint Rita was born in Italy in the century. She lived a solitude life in her childhood already. When she grow up she had to get married to an evil man. After years of fighting and beating trial Saint Rita tamed her husband and gave birth to two sons. Finally when harmony arrivedto the family the husband was murdered and the two children died as well. So Saint Rita joined a religious order in Cascia. As a wife of Jesus Christ she lived till 1457. She became the patron saint of the impossible cases.
If You are brave enough to visit the chapel in the middle of a 'non tourist land' get to Blaha Lujza square. Than follow the Népszínház street (Mc Donald's corner) till Teleki square and turn left. You will find the chapel at Kun street 5.

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