Green Peace

It is autumn time and it is time to slow down. What would be the best place to get relaxed? A nice park, that is for sure! If you do not have the time to get out of the noisy city visit the ELTE Botanical Garden our 'Füvészkert'. Unique Budapest experience in september with banana trees. The park is opened from 9am to 17pm every day. The entrancy fee is friendly: 500HUF (2Euro) adults, 250HUF students. If you have already visited our 'flat land' it will be easy to find. If not, here is your helping map.

The hungarians know the 'Füvészkert' very well from the famous Molnár Ferenc novel 'Pál utcai fiúk'. The atmosphere of the garden still reminds to the young boys and their heart-piercing story. However the garden changed a lot, the famous lake disappeared. What is still original is the 'Festetics hunting-seat' built in 1802. The squirrels and Ginko trees are waiting for You.
Do not be lazy, get your shoes on. If You have already visited the place: comment it!

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