Downtown ART

Let's see what Budapest Beyond Sightseeing recommends You next. There is a renewing cultural area in town. Of course it is in the 8th district. The 'Palace district' of the 8th hides some great art spaces between the National Museum and the Combino trams. In the street of a former hungarian minister Horánszky opened a new flat-gallery: K. Pertrys. Refreshing and obscene what You are looking for now. It is Attila Stark's exhibition: Kaka, kulo, pedo, pis. Attila is colouring Budapest with his street art works, making applied art paintings and finally made a 'normal' exhibition with outstanding pictures. Now we hope You are ready to run till the gallery. Before that call Anikó Robitz +36 20 470 99 93 or write to her
Adress: K. Petrys Ház 1085 Budapest, Horánszky street 13. II. 19.

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