Only in Budapest

If you live in Budapest or you plan to visit the Hungarian capital in this new year 2009, there is one thing you will certainly need. The brand new styled"Only in Budapest" guidebook.

I am Hungarian. I live in Budapest for 27 years. I work as a guide for a few years. And still the book gives me new clues to understand Budapest and new pieces of information about the capital too.

You surely know the average guidebooks which tell you the exact dates, must to know details and stories of the buildings in a perfect yet perfectly booring way.

The "Only in Budapest" guidebook is just the opposite. It puts every story and date in a context, in an understandable background. And this approach explains much more than just a normal description of a sight.

The "Only in Budapest" does not only talks about the famous sights but looks for some more adventuorus although less popular, less touristic places as well. I feel the book gives a more realistic and more colourful picture of Budapest. Why don't you chose to see this human faced Budapest rather than the shiny, for tourists Budapest?

I don't meant this to be an advertisement. I just love the book, and if I were a tourist in a foreign capital I would chose this way to look around.

The auther of the book: Duncan J. D. Smith seems to be an intreseting figure as well. He tarvelled all around the world and specified in 'urban exploring'. He knows a lot, that's for sure.

Check out his website:

Just one more praise of the book: it's beautiful. I mean the outlook. It is full of amaising pictures. The book feels good to hold it.
It is indeed a quality work!

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