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The Springfield street is a colorful and real time-worn place to visit in the 8th district. The original Hungarian name of the street is Tavaszmező (means springfield). Once it was the centre of the Budapest prostitutes. Now it is a well known place by the students of Budapest Tech Polytechnical Institution which takes place at Tavaszmező as well. During the II. World War first Nazi, than Russian soldiers tore the neighborhood. In 1956 the Russian soldiers left their marks againe on the fascades with AK47 machine guns.

After the democratic change happened in Hungary (1989) the first official minority-roma institution the Roma Parlament (RP) was founded. And in the story of the famous house a new chapter has began. The political representation is only one of the important functions of the RP. Social case-work, law assistance and funding talented gipsy students are held here as well. The RP is giving place to the only permanent Roma art exhibition in Hungary. It is highly recommended to see who they are. Before visiting, please write an e-mail, but weekdays you can find the RP opened at the first floor.
The staircase of the building hides a secret surprise for You, let's check it all out!

Where to find? Halfway between the Horváth Mihály square church and the Mátyás square.
From the city centre: by Bus no. 109 or no.9 from Astoria or Deák square; get off at Horváth Mihály tér. Or you can also take the trolley no.83 from Fővám tér (Great Market Hall)
Please validate Your tickets, thanks!

e-mail the organisation:
1084 Budapest Tavaszmező utca 6.
Hungarian site of the Roma Parlament:

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dee said...

I am devastated that I knew nothing of the Roma Parlament until the very end of my very recent visit to Budapest, but, as I have vowed to return to this beautiful city, will make certain that the RP is on my itinerary next time. Please keep the RP profile as high as possible!
Deirdre FRITH