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Budapest Beyond Sightseeing recommends You two Art places today:

The PREϨENT Contemporary Stage of Art. They have just showed up with a brand new way of art journey. Highly recommended. You might be impressed with the neighborhood as well. Here they are:

Metta Lázár’s - TIMESPIRAL
At the same time we celebrate the Babilonian New Year with a multivenue event. Songs, music and dance!
Featuring: Peter Ogi - Neo Cosmos - David Geshem - Roan Verdoux
Venue: Budapest, 8th district 28. Prater street. ( behind Corvin Cinema )
The exhibition is open: 21/09/09 – 21/10/09
PREϨENT endeavours to popularize presence.You just have to be present!
Further information: Gallery Present +3670/583-6658

Lumen Gallery is about to show us the next coming event. In the heart of the Mikszáth Kálmán tér a white qube is waiting for You. They brought the excitement of a forgotten Communist camp to town.

Harry Sachs: The Nature of Photography

Hidden at the south-east shore of lake Balaton, in a 50-acre old-growth forest with 2km of beach front, lies the former government holiday resort of the communist party, the MSZMP holiday resort (Balatonaliga - Fürdőtelep).

In the late 1950s, General Secretary János Kádár had turned the public holiday resort into a strictly guarded, enclosed area, closed for common people. During the following decades, international communist politicians like Fidel Castro, Breschniew and Erich Honecker were hosted in Aliga. Since 1989, the coastal resort is lying in a deep sleep and nature has taken over the power.
The show documents this actual condition of transition: The reproduced wild nature slowly fades on the forest photographs found on the walls of the functionaries' villas, while all around these images real nature is breaking through. Abstract fungal and ivy structures are growing all over the architecture accompanied harmonically by huge geometric spider nets stretched out in the air and expressionist patterns of mould illustrating walls and ceilings.
Lumen Gallery Mikszáth Kálmán tér 2.1088 Budapest Opening hours: Mon-Fr: 8.30-19h, Sat: 10-17h, Sun: closed

Have you already seen the exhibitions? Please tell us Your opinion.

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Anonymous said...

just arrived in Budapest about an hour ago and trying to find interesting areas to experience contemporary art. not easy without a citymap!!! I hope I can find some interesting things here.

hildA from Belgium