If looking for more contemporary exmeriences: let us recommend You a multimedia dance performance:
Andrea Ladányi & Gergely Borlai
2009. October 16th Friday 19:00 pm
contemporary multimedia musical dance eve in the Bárka Theatre
(1082 Budapest, Üllői út 82.)
"As the grove barker said: pay one, get two geniuses…” MGP
Performance is a Rudolf Lábán’s prize-winner in 2009.

Gergő Borlai – music, drum, percussion ; Andrea Ladányi – choreography, dance
Ferenc Payer – light design Zsolt Keserű – multimedia Márk Lakatos - stylist
BL titled performance (60 min.) is composed of the percussion and improvisational music of Gergő Borlai and of the dance choreography of Andrea Ladányi. It based on the essential element of the human existence, on the rhythm. Music originates from the tightness of percussion and the dancer body. The presence and the power of the improvisational life music are interfering with the dancer’s motion.

2009. October 16th Friday 19:00 pm Ticket Fee: 1800 HUF
For more info please call/write: Őri Andrea 30/754 1442 or andi@barka.hu

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